Monday, December 1, 2008


Today is my sister Raquel's birthday. She passed away 18 years ago, but her memories will remain forever in our hearts.. Her passing away was devastating for all of us. We had lost a very creative, lively, friendly, and most of all, the baby of our family. This entry is my tribute to her, what she meant to us, what we all shared, how much we loved her.

At 17, she was diagnosed with thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder, a serious illness, one in which there is no cure. It causes the body to make fewer healthy red blood cells and less hemoglobin than normal. It wasn't until she got sick when we realized what this blood disease was all about. We tried our best to normalize the situation. One of the hardest things was seeing her in the hospital with all those tubes and wires. Thinking about it now, we can still feel the same helpless feeling that there was nothing we could say or do to make it better.

A day before my birthday, I prayed to God so fervently, poured out all my sentiments, and asked Him for a gift. I asked Him, if it would be possible, as a birthday present to me, to either grant my sister, Raquel the grace of physical healing or complete healing.

And God answered my prayers... I am taking your sister to heaven.


Jun said...

Ang lungkot naman! Yes, di ka nakauwi 'non! Di ba magkasunod pa silang yumao ng isa mo pang sister?

Jun said...

Kasama ko rin si Ka Rud. Nakikisingit. You remember him?

Rud said...

Hi Kuya Bay Goodbye ha ha ha!!

Very cool and dating ng blog mo ha! Oks na oks! Turuan mo ako!

Bong said...

Puro poreyngers yata ang visitors mo lagi, di ba dyahi? Parang nakakainggit ang blog page mo!

EricDaPogi said...

She suffered a lot sa sakit 'nya!

Bay Martin said...

@ Jun,

Yes, magkasunod nga silang yumao at di ako nakauwi dahil nataon sa gipit. Malungkot talaga ang buhay natin dito, puro tiis.

Bay Martin said...

@ Rud

Napunta ka lang sa Saudi nag-iba na ang pangalan mo. Udong ang tunay na pangalan mo, di ba? ha ha!!

Thanks! On a weekend pasyal ka at tuturuan kitang gumawa ng blogsite mo. Saan ba destino nyo ngayon?

Bay Martin said...

@ Badong,

Nope, there are many pinoy bloggers din.

Thanks for the nice comment. I appreciate it!

Bay Martin said...

@ Eric,

Sixteen years din siyang nahirapan. Praise the Lord at binigyan siya ng complete healing.

Bay Martin said...

Grupo Astig,

I am glad grupo pa rin kayo. Come and visit me anytime/1 You never email me anymore! Let us renew our friendships, guys!

MonRa said...

And you were not able to go home to attend her interment. Ang sakit sa debdeb!