Wednesday, December 31, 2008


any a ruined life could have been prevented, if only one had been wise enough to follow positive advice. Too many take chances and linger too long at some pleasure, trying to enjoy as much as possible without falling into the evil that is there. People are so afraid of missing something, and so they step closer and closer to actual transgression, until, like a waiting spider, it reaches out and entangles them.

There are so many temptations, which annoy us in our daily life. We shall never be entirely safe from them. For as long as we are in the world, we will have to protect ourselves from them. All around us there are people or things, which may appeal to our weakness. When we cannot avoid them, meet them with patience rather than with anxiety or thoughtless severity. Correct and remedy what we can. As for things, which cannot be remedied, bear them patiently in His Name.


Anonymous said...

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Ramonchito said...

Good morning!

I like this item. It's very, very true.

MonMon said...

True to your words, temptations is all around us!

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@ MonMon,

First a simple thought will slip into your mind. This is followed by a strong imagination. Then comes delight, then an evil inclination, and lastly consent. Thus, little by little, the enemy gains full entrance into your soul, when he is not resisted in the beginning.

Bay Martin said...

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