Sunday, December 14, 2008


She had 11 babies to 9 fathers!

y best friend sent me a magz clipping about a Mom who had 11 babies to 9 fathers. Amazing isn't it, but the woman is all but proud of her being a single parent. She reckons she's a great mother. Her first three children have ended up adopted or in care and one spent time on a life-support machine.

"Accidents happen all the time--I can't help being fertile," she happily said. The funny thing is that she doesn't know the full names of the fathers of her first three children. She believes she's a good parent, and doesn't need to have a father figure around. At least her children have a surname--hers.

lot of things have gone wrong and the social services always try to blame her. One of her kids broke his collarbone, falling over a dog. His other son fell six meters from an open window and spent two days in hospital with concussion. Another son burned himself badly playing with her cigarette lighter.

hese things happen to any parent, she reasoned out. For her, it doesn't matter who you are, you can only do your best. She does not see having children as a problem. In fact she wouldn't rule out having another baby by another dad.


MonMon said...

Matindi ang Mader na yan, she has an insatiable ek ek! ha ha ha!!!

Bay Martin said...

Well, I know what you meant, but that's the way she wants her life to be--a good mother! Inggit ka lang!