Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Strange News from Abroad

All she wanted was to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor; she ended up dead, allegedly murdered by her own father.

When I read this news article, I was thunderstruck. The 19-year old girl reminded me of myself, as a young boy, was always dreaming of wearing a physician's white coat.

After passing the secondary school exams, the young girl enrolled at a medical college. His father tried to withdraw the girl from the college claiming that as her guardian, he had the right to object to her studying medicine. She gained admission through the intervention of her uncle despite the objection by her father.

Before the incident, the father called up her daughter and told her that he was coming to visit her. She received him and showed him her medical textbooks and notes. It was then that, according to the witnesses he stabbed the girl and slit her throat.

Details of the gruesome murder emerged. The girl's stepfather, said that he and several neighbors tackled the father--whose clothes were covered in blood-as he was fleeing the crime scene. The girl's grandmother, who was in the next room, died of a heart attack, shortly after learning that her former son-in-law had stabbed and slit the throat of her teenage granddaughter.


Monch said...

What a waste of life. Napaka-evil naman ng ama ng girl!

Bay Martin said...

A senseless killing!

Monching said...

What made you decide not to pursue your dream of becoming a doctor?

Bay Martin said...