Monday, December 8, 2008


he process of daily living includes a constant need to make personal economic decisions; how much should we save from our monthly pay? On food? On housing? On entertainment?

Personal decisions are wiser if financial facts are organized, summarized, and making them easily available as future reference. Once we have a good idea of our average monthly expenses, we can match them against the financial resources we have, and we are able to know where our money has been going.

Record keeping will give us an opportunity to modify our current spending level by noting areas where we can cut our budget without seriously changing our lifestyle. These changes might include doing some things on a less frequent basis, or seeking less expensive alternatives for some of our current spending habits. We must always have a complete control of how we will allocate our resources.


Eric said...

Ka Bay,

Many thanks for the hospitality. We enjoyed our visit. Kailan kaya maulit? When is your Christmas Party? Bong, Rud, Jun, Badong are here with me. Balik trabaho na bukas. We promise to visit your webpage on regular basis.

This post is very informative. Well said.

Jun said...

I never keep track of my expenses. After reading your post, you gave me an idea to maintain records. Problema lang baka minsan ay malimutan ko rin.

We're leaving tonight. Many thanks again. Got your phone and your yahoo email address.


Ka Badong said...

Kuya Bay, ako naman. Masaya pala rito sa Al-Khobar. Hope we can get together again soon!

I like this post. Very interesting. Puro palkpak ang internet pc dito. Come and visit us when your time permits you to.

Bong said...

Well, Ka Bay is an accountant kaya alam 'nya yan!

Monching said...

Back to work na ako. Nag-extend ng two days!

I need to control my spending, too! I am very impulsive.

Bay Martin said...

@ Eric

You can come and visit me anytime. Everybody is welcome in our house.
Our Christmas Party is on Wednesday, 18 December.

Bay Martin said...

@ Jun

Keeping track of your daily expenses helps. You get to know your priorities and activities involving cash.

Bay Martin said...

@ Badong,

Masaya talaga rito, that's, especially here in Sobeikha, para kang nasa market place lagi, ha hah!

Bay Martin said...

@ Bong,

Just putting things in their proper places.

Bay Martin said...

@ Monching

I know you well. You are always out of control when it comes to spending your hard earned money. Medyo mahilig ka kasi sa mga kumikinang uggghhh!!!

Monching said...

Sinabi mo pa! How can I discipline myself sa paggastos. SOSssss!!!

MonMon said...

When do I start my lesson in financial discipline. O kaya mo yan, bagong subject yan!