Sunday, December 21, 2008


former piano student emailed and asked me to help with his research work about personality disorders.

Students frequently make the error of confusing such cases of multiple personality with the so-called "split personality," known technically as schizophrenia. This is a psychotic disorder in which the individual is "split off from reality." In multiple personality, the conscious part of the personality remains in contact with reality, though reacting to it neurotically. In this type of reaction, which is very rare, the individual may develop two or more distinct, even radically different personalities. Each takes conscious control of the person for varying periods of time. Usually, although not always, each personality does not know of the other.

What about bipolar disorder?

Hey man, I am not the one studying,
you do your own research work!

I am done with these things and that's it!


MonMon said...

Are you watching Oprah? She discussed this bipolar thing one time. Sabi niya, almost all daw are suffering from bipolar personality. Is is the same as split personality?

MonMon said...

May multiple personality nga ba? Do you have any documented proof of this personality disorder?

Bay Martin said...

Not on a regular basis. Yes, I got to watch that particular episode, and NO, they are two different personality disorders.

Bay Martin said...

I'll get back to you about documented multiple personality later.