Thursday, December 11, 2008


his morning, I witnessed a vehicular acci
dent that left a bad imprint in the mind of my taxi driver friend, Khalid. He said, it would take a long time before he could get the accident out of his mind. He has been driving long enough to know the traffic conditions here and had seen many freak vehicular accidents, yet, he's been deeply affected by what he saw today. I worry about him now, as it may develop in him post-traumatic stress symptoms that can become chronic.

Car accident is a very tough situation because not only our property is at risk but also our life is in danger. Serious car wrecks have been steadily rising here. Many are caused by recklessness and carelessness of other drivers. You may be very careful when driving but then there would always be those careless few. The best thing is to be always prepared for the inevitable.


Monching said...

Sori ngayon lang ulit nakavisit. It's 5degC. Super lamig ang dating.

Where did it happen? Fatal ba ang accident?

Monchet said...

Biglang dumating si bossing.

Anyways, speaking of car accidents, lagi naman di ba! Traffic on weekends is too much to bear. Sobrang dami ng sasakyan dito ngayon.

Yesterday, I saw a boy, he's probably 12 or 13, and driving a car. How would you expect safety sa daan kung pati bata di nila ma-control.

Ramon said...

Do you still remember one foggy morning (almost zero visibility) along Dammam-Qatif road 150+ vehicles were involved in an accident? How long ago was that?

eRipples said...

hi bro, that's horrible, the other night we also met an accident along the road. we road a taxi, and we accidentally hit a Hyundai Getz car,fortunately it was not worse, but thank God, no one was hurt.