Tuesday, December 2, 2008


s a child prodigy in Bonn, Ludwig van Beethoven's great ambition had been to travel to Vienna to meet and take lessons with the man he knew was the greatest living composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The opportunity came and he gained entry into Mozart's home and met his great idol. "Play something," he told Beethoven. He did, and when he has finished, Mozart walked into the adjoining room and told his friends, "stanzi, stanzi," pointing back into the music room, "watch out for that boy. One day he will give the world something to talk about."

Mozart was right, Beethoven became famous in his own right. One of the several piano pieces he composed, which is well-loved in the music world, is "Fur Elise." When Beethoven composed the piece around 1810, he described it as a little "bagatelle" and hastily scribbled a title on it. Now, however, music scholars believe that Beethoven's illegible title was really "Fur Therese," and the composition intended as a gift for Therese Malfatti, his physician's daughter.


Jun said...

Ka Bay, vacation na rin kami. Are you at home?

Visiting your webpage. I like this piano piece. You always played it before. Are you still teaching piano?

Bong said...

Kuya Bay,

I am with Jun. Punta kami sa inyo bukas.

Your website is kind of cool!

James said...

I like this piano piece, too! One of my favorites. Do you still play, Kuya Bay

James said...

I like this piano piece, too! One of my favorites. Do you still play, Kuya Bay

EricDaPogi said...

Di ba adapted ang isang tagalog song diyan, yun bang "tapon, tapon, tapon 'nyo, basura 'nyo, basura 'nyo," yaikkkssss

Bay Martin said...

@ Bong

Yes, I am still teaching piano. Fur Elise is one of the favs of my students.

ARe you enjoying the Hajj holidays?

Bay Martin said...

@ Jun

You can come anytime! Thanks for leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

Bay Martin said...

@ James,

Yes, Ka James, I enjoy playing piano. You are always welcome to visit me, guys! Tulad ng dati, tsibugan!

Bay Martin said...

@ Eric

Since when did you become "pogi". The truth is, talagang astig ang dating mo yaikkkk!!! Di naman kayo nagkakalayo ni Manny Pacquiao ha ha ha!!!

Tama ka, adapted nga ang tono ng Fur Elise na ewan ko kung sino ang kumanta.

MonMon said...

My favorite piano solo. I love the way you play it. Kind of cool!