Friday, December 12, 2008


ometimes we find our co-workers showing annoying and unacceptable behavior. It is so hard to pretend not to notice the attitudes of our colleagues, whether we share a good relationship or just a formal one, situation arises either because one does not care or because his manners are already bad.

Whatever is the reason, such behavior must be confronted to ensure that others do not learn from it. Should we really confront a co-worker for bad behavior? We are for sure in a dilemma if we do so. What measures do we take to ensure that we won't be misunderstood? There are guidelines on how to tackle a badly behaving co-worker, but the most important thing is the honest and sincere expression of your willingness to help.


ChingMon said...

Very annoying and pestering!

Bay Martin said...

I should have written, "most of the time," yaikkkk!!!