Monday, December 1, 2008


Read a very interesting and informative article about self-actualization. It says, that to be self-actualized is to accept yourself for what you are and other people for what they are.

Self-actualized people are spontaneous, natural, and concerned with ethical and human values, disliking falseness and often having a mission, or a cause in life. A very important quality of self-actualization is autonomy, or independence. This strength is steaming from plenty of love and respect in the past, so that the person "is free to act relatively independently of these needs in the present." At the same time, the relationships self-actualizers develop may be more profound than those of other people. They identify strongly with humanity and work to stop unjust and dehumanizing conditions. For these people, life is so meaningful.

Among other qualities that stand out in a self-actualized individual are creativity, originality, and a positive attitude toward important tasks.

Are you a self-actualized person?


Bong said...

Ang lalim ng English, di ko maarok ha ha ha

Jun said...

Ako rin, ano ba ang looking glass self?

EricDaPogi said...

Eric here Kuya Bay. Pwede bang sumali! Punta kami sa inyo, may tsibog ba?

Badong said...

Puro outdated na ang mga pcs rito sa internet na napuntahan namin. Pati monitor sinauna grrrrr!!!

Remember me?

Bay Martin said...

@ Bong

Ha ha ha!!! Thanks for leaving a comment. Di ba maarok ang depth ng English?

Bay Martin said...

A Jun,

Looking glass self means seeing ourselves through the eyes of other people, even to the extent of incorporating their views of us into our own self-concept. Young people are often strongly influenced by their peers and will go beyond conforming to changing their self-image to match.

Ika nga hawa-hawa, gaya-gaya!

Bay Martin said...

@ Eric,

Basta't punta lang kayo. Maraming tindahan a paligid, we can always buy something to eat. Just like the old days.

Bay Martin said...

@ Badong,

Dito rin sa tabi namin puro sira na ang pc kaya napilitan akong bumili para walang istorbo. Besides, mangangamoy sigarilyo ka sa mga internet cafes dito. Puro mga pugon ang mga gumagamit!

MonMon said...

Is this about the image you create?