Monday, December 22, 2008


oney is usually involved in the expression "decorating the palm." The person at the receiving end is being suborned (sub, under, + orn, decorate or furnish). To suborn means to bribe for criminal purposes, especially for perjury. The root orn appears in adorn, ornament, and ornate, which has come to mean over-decorated.


Ramon said...

No so clear to me! Are you talking about "nakukuha sa lagay?"

Mon said...

First word should read, "NOT". Sori ang bilis ko kasing mag-type ngekkk!!!

Have a great day!

Ramon said...

Bigla akong naalimpungatan, ang ibig sabihin nga pala ng PALM ay palad ngekkk. Ang tanga ko 'no! Now I understand what your post is all about.

Bay Martin said...

Exactly! Natumbok mo rin!