Sunday, November 30, 2008


Dig a swimming pool!

thief who stole a businessman's laptop is to dug him a new swimming pool, a court has ruled. The 19-year old escaped the standard minimum six-month suspended jail sentence for the theft after his victim, a 41 year-old insurance agent, suggested the unusual punishment.

Penitent Man

man who went to confession shocked his confessor by handing him a bag full of weapons. The priest said, "I couldn't believe my eyes." The bag contained two guns, two hand grenades and 18 bullets. "I cannot say what the man confessed to," the priest added, "I am just happy that he wanted to return to the Church.

Snoring Buglar

A burglar who broke into a shop was arrested after falling asleep on a display bed. Police were called in after employee heard snoring in the bed, part of a display in the shop.


Rud said...

Very strange stories talaga!

Jun said...

Very interesting stories!

Bong said...

Are you going home this Christmas?

Bong said...

Singit din ako dyan! May Christmas Party ba? May carolling ba ngayon?

Puro yata out of line ang comments namin. Excited lang kami.

Mon said...

Very strange stories talaga!

MonMon said...

More strange stories, please!

Nakasingit dahil nalingat ang pusa!