Thursday, November 20, 2008


Strange News from Abroad

he rough economy meant good business for pawnshops. They are more than willing to help many struggling people to make b
oth ends meet. We can pawn just anything of value, but to pawn a daughter is a different story.

A father went to the police and reported that her daughter was missing. Police searched for the girl for three days and then became suspicious after the father failed to follow up on the case. Their suspicions increased when the girl's mother told them that the disappearance coincided with the departure of a guest, who stayed with them for two days.

A thorough investigation revealed that the father pawned his daughter to his creditor as a form of guarantee that he would repay the debt.

What a way to make some quick cash, ha!


Monchet said...

And may I pawn my IQAMA? Ha ha ha! I recall ang kwento mo about some guys pawning their IQAMAS dahil walang pambayad sa bowling! Are they still around?

Bay Martin said...

Well, tutoo lahat 'yon. Notorious ang mga bowlers sa Al-Ghosaibi ughhh!!! Secret!

Bong said...

Is this true?

Rud said...

You gave me an idea, Kuya Bay!