Wednesday, November 19, 2008


How can we muster frustration? Study shows that people who easily get frustrated are more likely to react in a prejudiced way than people who are not easily frustrated. Low tolerance for frustration is only one of the personality variables that sometimes accompany prejudice. People with low self esteem are more likely to be prejudiced than people who have high respect for themselves. Individuals who lack self-esteem look for others who can be seen as more unworthy than they themselves are. Guilt feelings about behavior are also projected onto people whose own behavior is what the prejudiced people see as bad about themselves, but cannot admit.


MonRaMon said...

This is a very interesting post. I have so many frustrations in life, and one of those is not being able to accomplish things I wanted to. Hayyy buhayyyy!!!

Henry said...

Ka Bay, OT ang MonRa, dinaanan ko. He suggested that I look into your blogpage. OK and mga posted articles mo. Turuan mo nga akong magkaroon ng website.

Self-esteem Blog for Women said...

Hello....your thoughts are spott on in regards to true signs of people suffering from low self-esteem, low self-worth and little to no self-acceptance.
They look for short-comings in others to actually make themselves feel a little bit worthy. As bad as that sounds ...for many they do not even realize they are feeding their need for acceptance in that way. The ones that are deliberately looking for others short-comings have more of an ego issue which does go hand in hand with a certain amount of low-self-esteem!
I like how you think!
Hae a very positive day!

Monching said...

I had a grand time with our friends last night, freeing off ourselves from all the burdens of pains and frustrations. You're in saying that we need to regularly commune with God. We will do this on a regular basis.

Kenjebz said...

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