Thursday, November 27, 2008


I lost a brother due to drugs. This wonderful, good-looking young man, with a signature bedimpled smile became a monster. He was 14 when he turned to alcohol and drugs. We did everything we could to unhook him of these horrible things. His behavior and moods changed, he was always out of control. We saw first hand what he turned into and the devastation that he brought onto the entire family. Until one day he realized the danger of drug use and told us that he was willing to undergo rehabilitation at DARE Rehab Center ran by Fr. Bob Garon. DARE did so many marvelous things to help him. Wonder of all wonders, he learned many skills in the rehab center. He stayed clean and sober for years, until one day he crossed paths with his old buddies again .... and that was it.

You could simply imagine how we hated his buddies that would give him drugs, and then we realized they were not forcing him, the problem was with him. He could not stand up for what he knew was right and say, "no I am not going to be a user anymore."

here are many individual and group problems related to the process of growing up. One of these problems is the misuse and abuse of drugs. Young adolescents may acquire various information about mind-altering drugs through mass media. The peer group, too, could be a major source of distorted information about drugs. It is a common knowledge that economic, social and psychological factors contribute to the increasing incidence of drug dependence.

Abused drugs generally have one thing in common: they cause changes in a person's mood or behavior. They can affect a person's perceptions, moods, behavior and skills. Some people abuse drugs because they think they can gain acceptance from their peers. Others abuse drugs in an attempt to have more friends and feel they belong to the group. Peer pressure also lead to drug abuse.


Monchet said...

Yes, I remember ang mga himutok mo about your kid brother. When did he die? How about his children. I am sure they are grown ups na.

Joe said...

OO nga, naalala ko ang kuwento mo tungkol sa mga nawawala mong mga gamit. Then one day, you saw him na binebenta ang mga books mo. Iba talaga ang dating ng droga, it ruins the lives of not only the users, pati mga loved ones. They are the most affected sa mga ganitong situations.

I am glad my addiction ay sa tsibog lang.

Bay Martin said...

@ Monchet

We lost him due to drugs. He died 12 years ago. Two of his children have their own families now. The youngest is still in college.

Bay Martin said...

@ Joe

Regardless of the situation, there is always something we can do to separate ourselves from drug users. A person under the influence can do severe harm without meaning to, and no matter how much we love them, we must value our lives above others.

EricDaPogi said...

NO to drugs kami talaga. Mababait ang grupo namin Kuya Bay. Mga tsikboys lang ang dating wahhhh!!!

Bong said...

100% Kuya Bay, haram todits di ba, kaya clean kami talaga! Walang kuwenta ang droga.

Jun said...

I remember your brother!

Monchet said...

A big NOooooo to drugs and smoking! I emphatize with you!