Friday, November 14, 2008


It's wintertime, season of colds and flu.
A friend said, I should get a flu shot. Do I need one?

They say, children get the most colds because they lack the built-up resistance to infection, in contrast with adults who suffer less because they have built-up a natural immunity. A study of a common cold disclosed that the incidence of colds was greater among the better-educated.

There is no proven or sure cure for colds and flu but time. However, there are many available over-the-counter medications to relieve the symptoms.


JoeJoe GI said...

I had a bout of flu a week ago. I remember ang advice mo .. magsuob, which I did. Epektibo talaga. Pero I believe na rest talaga ang kailangan kapag may colds.

Monching said...

May colds na naman si ako!

Henry said...

I got one fwd message about vicks vaporub, which is very effective as cold reliever. Of course, you know this, pero paano, and how do you use it. I-fwd ko sa iyo ang message. Mas effective sa mga bata.

Ka Yusuf said...

Join the band! Kadarating ko. Pasingit. Ka Henry is right, vicks vaporub works. Alam ko kung saan ilalagay.... sikret!!!

I like your blog, very informative. Please call me up tomorrow, OK! Getting ready to go!

Anonymous said...

I dont' feel well today. I have runny nose ngekkk!!! Para akong si ngongo!