Friday, November 28, 2008


O. Henry, the pseudonym
of William Sydney Porter (1862 - 1910),
was serving three years in prison for

embezzlement when he began

to write short stories.

Upon his release,

he gained national fame with

300 stories, most of which had a

surprise ending.


MonMon said...

So he was an ex-con pala ha. I like his stories.

Joe said...

Ngayon ko rin lang nalaman. Where do you get these data ha. Ang dami mong alam. You read a lot!

Bay Martin said...

@ MonMon

A very intelligent felon!

Bay Martin said...

@ Joe

You know me well, I keep on reading to learn new things. Tamad ka kasing mag-aral.

Benjie said...

Oy kilala ko ang O Henry na yan. Nabasa ko sa high school!

EricDaPogi said...

Ako rin, pero di tayo mahilig sa mga short stories!

Jun said...

Exit na pala ang guitarist ng choir 'nyo ha! Where is he now!

Anonymous said...

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