Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Music, an instrument of love and peace!

From the beginning of time, music has
been important in our lives. It played an important role in our day-to-day living. The chirping of the birds, cooing of the turtledoves, rustling of the leaves, rippling water, freshness of the morning breeze. Wherever we go, schools, churches, malls, even in public vehicles, we feel and hear music. It is everywhere because the world is filled with sound and music is sound.

Say it with a beautiful song....

Music is a language lovers understand,
Melody and romance wander hand in hand;

Cupid never fails assisted by a band,

So if you have something sweet to tell her:

Say it with music, beautiful music,
Somehow they'd rather be kissed,

To the strains of Chopin or Liszt.

A melody mellow played on a cello,

Helps Mister Cupid along,

So say it with a beautiful song.

Say it with a beautiful song,
Say it with a beautiful song,

Say it with a b
eautiful song!

Irving Berlin


MonMon said...

Yes, I remember this song. Di ba tinuro mo 'to sa tsoyr!

Bay Martin said...

I really like the tune and the lyrics. I enjoy playing.

Monra said...

Will you play it for me, please!