Sunday, November 9, 2008


Strange News from Abroad

A marriage ended during the honeymoon when a man got lost his way around; couldn't contact his new wife to get directions back; and decided the only recourse was to leave without her, go home and take a nap. This, of course, angered the father-in-law who put an end to such nonsense. The couple had rented a furnished apartment in the city. The man decided to take a taxi to a restaurant to bring food his his beloved. But the cab driver, who was paid for a round trip, ditched his fare. Lost and unsure how to get back to the rented apartment--and unable to contact his wife because he didn't own a mobile phone--the man eventually decided to take a bus back home without her. For her part, the bride waited and waited and finally called her father. The father wen to the house of man only to find napping! Outraged, the father sent his sons to pick up his daughter and demanded an immediate divorce. The man, facing immense family pressure from both sides, acquiesced.

Next time he gets married and honeymoons in unfamiliar territory, he might consider ordering food for delivery.

Goodbye marital bliss uggghhh!!!


Ramon said...

This is a very funny article! Dapat lang i-divorce dahil tanga siya. The least thing he could do is to ask. What a shame!

Bay Martin said...

Very amusing incident, di ba! Only in .... alam mo na!

MonMon said...

The guy is so stupid ha ha ha! Where did it happen ba?

Joe said...

One of may fav ulam, sweet and sour!