Monday, August 31, 2009


Why have sports become so violent?

Some writers maintain that organized athletics, especially body contact sports, ritualize violent behavior in both players and spectators. According to this notion, people work off their impulses by taking part in or watching violence.

Nowadays, not only basketball, hockey, soccer, and football players play rougher than ever, but that the fans who watch them are often excited into a frenzy of violence themselves. Psychologists think that the competition to win at any price in a business that has grown to enormous proportions has lessened the ideal of sportsmanship.

An author relates spectator violence to a breakdown of community ties. The fan thinks of himself as part of the team. This intensifies his emotional reaction to what goes on in the game. At the same time, this feeling is not reciprocated by the players, who look upon their fans as an anonymous crowd.
The fans' love for their heroes is denied, their desire to identify is frustrated. All that is left to cling to is victory--if not victory for the home team, then some small personal victory over the faceless tormentor masquerading as the fellow in the next row.


Ramoncito said...

I used to watch ice hockey and football, but not anymore. There is too much violence on both sports. Not entertaining anymore. It's like watching matches!

MonRa said...

It's gonna be a big night for Saudi and Bahraini soccer fans, and there will be too much traffic at the causeway. Hope the game is clean, fun, and no violence.

Bay Martin said...

@ Ramoncito,

Me, too! I never supported violent sports.

Bay Martin said...

@ MonRa,

Some of our colleagues living in Bahrain left early yesterday for fear of being caught in a long traffic at the Causeway.

Monchy-Monchy said...

It was a draw! I was expecting there would be fanfare last night along Aziziyah Road, pero there wasn't. I thought Saudi lost the game.

Bay Martin said...

Ah, OK, that's probably the reason why I didn't hear any shouting, honking, merry-making on the streets.

KarloV said...

Basketball sometimes turns violent, T2 Bay.

Bay Martin said...

Yes, it does go sour most of the time.

Julio said...

Yes, very, very true. Kasi nagkakapikunan.

May basketball tournaments sa IPSA!

Anonymous said...

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