Tuesday, August 4, 2009


f a deaf person understands the physics of sound, he or she can tune a lute, a viol, a spinet, or any stringed instrument. The sound made by a vibrating strings depends on its length, its mass, and how much it is stretched.

A very good pointer from a professional piano tuner.


Monchy-Monchy said...

I remember your story about Beethoven being deaf in the latter part of his life, but was able to compose many symphonies, sonatas, etc. I believe you!

Singit lang at wala ang pusa!

Ramon said...

What are lute, viol, and spinet?

Monching said...

No new postings? Nabibingi yata ako sa katahimikan, bakit kaya? Am I deaf???

Bay Martin said...

@ Monchy,

Yes, he became around 1801. He suffered a severe form of tinnitus, a “roar” in his ears that made it hard for him to perceive and appreciate music; he would also avoid conversation… Beethoven’s hearing loss did not affect his ability to compose music, but it made concerts lucrative sources of income increasingly difficult.

Bay Martin said...

@ Ramon,

A lute is a lightly constructed stringed musical instrument in a variety of sizes and configurations. Lutes can
be roughly classified into three groups: Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque. Generally, a lute has an
almond- or pear-shaped body with a round back, a slightly concave soundboard with a carved rose for the soundhole, frets tied to a short neck, and a pegbox attached at nearly a 90 degree angle.

The viola da gamba or "leg viol" saw its beginnings in 15th century Spain. Local guitarists (or as they were called "vihuelists") tried playing their instrument with a rabab bow (a bow for an instrument from North Africa), and the first viola da gamba was born.

The instrument retained everything from its original family: the frets, the tuning, and the playing position. It was held like a guitar, and was bowed vertically.

A spinet is a smaller type of harpsichord or other keyboard instrument, such as a piano or organ.

Bay Martin said...

@ Monching,

Just posted five new articles. Enjoy!

FG said...

Ano ba yan, wala akong alam sa physics of sound, pero alam ko kapag sintunado ang kumakanta ha ha ha!