Tuesday, August 25, 2009


o you enjoy crossword puzzles?

crossword puzzle

Everytime I make a trip, especially those requiring longer travel time, working on my crossword puzzles and Sudoku alternately relaxes me. Break time, free time, waiting time, bathroom time, I enjoy them very much and they truly fill the void.


But did you know that doing crossword puzzles, number games, reading, writing, playing board or card games, and listening to music help delay the rapid memory decline that occurs if people develo
p dementia?

card game

Researchers spent five years following 488 people aged 75 to 85 who did not have dementia at the start of study. During the study period, 101 of these people developed dementia. At the start of the study, the participants reported how often they participated in six leisure mind activities - reading, writing, doing crossword puzzles, playing board or card games, having group discussions, and playing music.

board game

For each activity, daily participation was rated at seven points, several days a week was rated at four points, and weekly participation was rated at one point. The average score for those who later developed dementia was seven points, meaning they took part in one of the six activities, and 11 reported only one activity per week. The researchers then looked at the point when memory loss started accelerating rapidly and found that for every additional activity a person participated in, the onset of rapid memory loss was delayed by 0.18 years. The point of accelerated decline was delayed by 1.29 years for the person who participated in 11 activities per week compared to the person who participated in only four activities per week.

Ref: Tech/Science Update


RamOn said...

Crossword puzzles? hmpppp ... board games na lang ako!

Monchiting said...

Do you play chess?

Bay Martin said...

@ RamOn,

Yes, I know!

I have some board games here, if you want, we can play one weekend.

Bay Martin said...

@ Monchiting,

Not that much! I already forgot the moves!

Darrel said...

I like crossword puzzles, but I am not good at it ha ha! I play chess!

Montsing said...

Di ba pwedeng piko at sipa na lang ha ha ha!!!

Bay Martin said...

@ Darrel,

A crossword puzzle a day adds color to my life!

Bay Martin said...

@ Montsing,

Luksung-tinik gusto mo?