Saturday, August 8, 2009


"Sometimes on
e pays most
for the things on
e gets for nothing."

Albert Einstein


FG said...

Yes, I believe you! You are really very good in bargaining!

ChingMon said...

I am an impulsive buyer. How can I get away from this habit!

Monching said...

One of your friends is so afraid to go with you shopping. Baka raw ipakalaboosh kayo dahil sobra ka raw makatawad ha ha ha!!!

Bay Martin said...

@ FG,

Many thanks! Swing by as often as you can.

Bay Martin said...

@ ChingMon,

Discipline is the key to controlling impulsive spending. Any bad habit can be broken.

Once spending has been brought under control, determine how much needs to be spent each month in every area of the budget and stick to the budget.

Be accountable to someone for a period of time.

Establish a “want-to-buy” list. Then wait seven days and find two additional prices for the same item. If there is still a need or want for the item after a week, go ahead and buy it. Nevertheless, only one item can be on the “want-to-buy” list at a time.

Although self-discipline is the best way to control spending, too many people are caught in a cycle of impulsive spending that seems to have a life of its own, beyond the limits of self-discipline.

Bay Martin said...

@ Monching,

Oh, you still remember the story ha ha ha! Yes, si George 'yon, but he is no longer here. He left years ago.