Thursday, August 6, 2009


My colleague has a story tell. He said, an expatriate employed as an Accountant in a big contracting company here in Al-Khobar, who just got back from a month vacation, has been arrested by the police authorities. He has been charged with stealing from the company safe.

He confessed to his crime, which went undetected for five years. He was able to build a two-storey house and a commercial building in his home country from the stolen money. "No wonder he was living lavishly and entertained extravagantly," blurted crisply by my friend.

ow! he is not a small time thief after all.


FG said...

We don't get hear any news about the guy now.

Nagsisi na siguro sa mga ginawa 'nya. What's the punishment for stealing?

MonMon said...

Balita ko putol kamay!

Ramonito said...

He used to manage a restaurant near Al-Fakhry Hospital! Naku ha, ang yabang 'nya yun pala nakaw lang ang pinagyayabang 'nya!

Bay Martin said...

@ FG

Putol kamay di ba?

Bay Martin said...

@ MonMon,

May be, in his case hanggang elbow!

Bay Martin said...

@ Ramonito,

Very true! Ika nga ng famous exhortation, "crime does not pay!". It means, lawbreakers do not benefit from their actions.

OnOn said...

Latest news... kinalbo na raw ngekkk!!!+