Monday, August 3, 2009


I am learning an exciting new trade; piano tuning.

My regular piano tuner, Mang Joe, started giving me pointers on how to quickly learn piano tuning. He said, it is a simple process, but requires a lot of patience and years of practice to achieve perfection. First things first, I have to get my own set of tools: tuning hammer or wrench, tuning fork, rubber tuning wedges or mutes, and electronic tuner. These tools will probably cost me a lot, but it is worth it, knowing that I'll be doing my own piano tuning and won't spend anymore for tuning fees after some time.

I am so excited to get it going! Meanwhile, I am doing research to learn the basic mechanics of tuning and memorizing by heart the many intricate parts of the piano.


KarloV said...

Tito Bay pa-comment.

Ikaw na lang mag-tune up ng piano ko kapag mahusay ka na ha.

OK Hanon na!

Bay Martin said...

No problems at all!

Mon said...

Nagpapayaman ka talaga ha! Bukod sa pianista na, piano tuner pa! Bonggah!

Darrel said...

Good to learn new things. I like to learn carpentry and pot making. Isn't that exciting, too?

Bay Martin said...

@ Mon,

Definitely not, man! Just want to learn something new. Since I play piano, might as well learn the trade and doing the tuning myself.

Bay Martin said...

@ Darrel,

How are you?

Learning is a continuing process.

Carpentry is one of my hobbies, too! I have completed my basic carpentry tools.

TsingMon said...

So how is it going with your piano tuning lesson?