Friday, August 14, 2009


ven though we may enjoy and need to be alone now and then, human beings are basically social animals who need the company and cooperation of other human beings. We need to make friends, to like and be liked, and to form loving relationships with at least a few people who are in some way special to us.

o like to love someone means that you enjoy that particular individual for certain unique qualities that fit with your own interests and needs. It means, too, that you have, not just an opinion, but a feeling about that person. Physical attractiveness is a factor in the initial decision to like another person.


Mon said...

Naku ha, medyo yata discriminating ang last line. Does it mean kapag pangit di na kakaibiganin! Bias ka ha! In fairness, tutoo naman ang sinabi mo!

Bay Martin said...

It doesn't mean that way, man! You can choose to be unselfish or selfish, kind or mean.