Wednesday, August 5, 2009


A homeless man died after being set on fire on a street where he had lived for many years. He was drenched with what may have been gasoline and set ablaze. Scorch marks stained a wall on where the man was burned. The victim remained unidentified. It was reported that a young man in his 20s was seen running from the scene.

Whatever drove this young man to commit a heinous crime against a helpless beggar is unthinkable. It is without doubt an evil impulse, which stirred up the evil elements in his mind resulting to wicked action. It is a matter of the degree of wickedness one is capable of doing.

What did the beggar do to deserve this fate?
How can life have meaning in the face of such torture and death?

If indeed the young man committed the crime, he deserves the harshest sentence available.

"... the beggar man and the mighty king
are only different in name, but they are
treated just the same by fate...!"


FG said...

Kawawa naman. Whoever did that to the poor beggar is an evil psychopath.

Monching said...

He is evil through and through. He was not in his proper senses when he did the horrible thing to the poor man.

RamOn said...

I read the post all over again at nabagbag na naman ang damdamin ko.