Monday, August 17, 2009


eath from illness or accident occur to people of every age and stage of life, even the prenatal. A colleague is going through a very rough time of accepting the sudden demise of his elder brother.

When someone is dying, members of the family often experience guilt feelings or anger at being left alone in the world. These feelings may come from conflicts with the dying person that have not been settled. Often, family members feel it is wrong for the dying person to die while they survive. This attitude can lead to guilt feelings, which may need to be resolved in therapy.

If you have ever had a death in your own family, you know how upsetting it is to everyone. This is not only because you have lost someone dear to you, but also because the survivors are frequently confused about the role they should play in the dying process. If we share the concerns of the dying, as well as tend to their physical needs, death is easier for all.


Montsing said...

Death of a loved one is traumatic.

Citong said...

Bilib ako sa 'yo. I remember that in 1990 two of your sisters died na magkasunod. What did you do? I remember, too, that you were not able to attend their interment. It must be very painful, 'no!

Bay Martin said...

@ Montsing,

A loss of a dear one is irreparable.

Bay Martin said...

@ Citong,

Yes, that was in 1990 when my two sisters passed away within the interval of three weeks. It was very, very painful and traumatic. I love them so much!

Mon said...

Nagkaroon ba ng delubyo sa kuwarto mo ngekkk!!!

Darrell said...

This entry is with a sense of sadness!