Monday, August 10, 2009


exuality has been the subject of much c
ontroversy over the years. It was not too long ago that marriage manuals described sexual behavior as "a dangerous evil which, unfortunately, is necessary for the perpetuation of the species." It is not difficult to imagine the psychological impact--the guilt, shame, and fear--of such repression.

"I love you, you love me,
we vowed our love eternally,
don't you know love, that
true love comes from

owever, things have changed somewhat since then. In marriage today, sex is seen as a vital, fulfilling part of the loving bond formed by two people. There is less emphasis now on defining what is normal, socially acceptable, sexual behavior than on focusing on the positive aspects of a mutually satisfying sexual relationship between consenting, caring adults.

o promote a positive outlook on our own sexuality, we need to remember than sex is more than just a set of learned techniques, of pleasurable sensations. We need to accept our own body and the responsibility for someone else's. We must be willing to give and receive. But it is not enough to know what to do physically. For many, the most satisfactory sexual relationship takes place within a loving, caring relationship.


FelG said...

Very informative article. This one should read a wider audience.

Monching said...

I am enjoying my single blessedness ngekkkk!!!

Bay Martin said...

Yes, it is one informative post. Liking, loving, and sexual relationships form the human connection that expands the boundaries of self.

Bay Martin said...

@ Monch

Take all the time you need and enjoy being single. You are not getting any younger!

MonMon said...

What is marital bliss?

Bay Martin said...

Well, it has something to do with nurturing and maintaining, and strengthening the bond in marriage. Working hard at improving relationship.

Mon said...

Ahh okidoki! I thought ang marital bliss yung honeymoon ngekkk!!!

Bay Martin said...

You have to fall in love and be in love each day of your married life.

OnOn said...

Hmmpppp ala akong alam 'dyan!