Sunday, August 16, 2009


"Call on the Lord while He may be found,
Call on Him while He's near.
Call on the Lord while He may found,
He will wash away your fears."

ave you ever tried to stop and ponder for a while to ask yourself how you have been living your life? Are you living your life according to how God wants you to spend it, that is, to do the best for yourself so you can effectively become a person for others?

here is something deep inside that make us want to be the best we can be. This comes from a call that lies deep within ourselves. This call is actually from God. The call is for us to live, to grow, to become dedicated and committed Christians.

od has given us the freedom to live life, but with it goes the responsibilities to see that we do not abuse such privileges by destroying life or, if not, use others for our own glory and forsake God who created us.

his call to live the life as inspired by Christ is only possible if we think, plan, and reflect on His teachings before making a choice. He promised us, "I came to help you live and live fully. Follow me. I am the way that leads to life" (John 10:10; 14:6).

The choice is ours, but be sure to make the right choice. Let us review life and do something to improve it, if necessary. After all it is not somebody's life!


RamOn said...

Too deep and meaningful post.

Ramontsing said...

I"m still in the office doing some urgent jobs.

Yes, seek the Lord first and you will have a meaningful and purposeful life.

Darrell said...

May be, I have to review my life, too!

Bay Martin said...

@ RamOn

Please stop conjugating your name, hane! Stick to one alias ha ha ha!!! Dyowk only, you can use as many pseudonyms as you like.

Thanks! Di mo ba macomprehend?

Bay Martin said...

@ RTsing,

Agree ... a big AMEN to that! That's exactly what we should do to live a happy life. Everything is up to us!

Bay Martin said...

@ Darrel,

At the end of day, acknowledge all the things that came to you, whether they be good or bad.