Tuesday, September 1, 2009


When we look into ourselves, we discover one thing in particular, our brokenness. Something in us tells us that we are not meant to live and die in that brokenness. Something in us tells us that somewhere in our growing up we would reach the experience of wholeness, of unity, and above all, of communion with life itself and with the rest of all living things. Something in us tells us that all our miseries are not meant to last forever; that all enmities will cease, and that peace will settle and become permanent.


ChingMon said...

Broke na broke ako ngayon, may pera ka ba dyan, pautang naman ngekkk!!!

Darrel said...

It doesn't mean that way, man! Come on you know better than that, Mon!

Bay Martin said...

@ ChingMon,

I really like your sense of humor! How is Ramadan treating you?

Bay Martin said...

@ Darrel,

He's just kiddin' Darrel. He's really fun to be with! Does he give you headaches ha ha!!!

Gabriele said...

Your blog has touched me but, today is not a good one to respond to it.
My dad was an opera singer, a long long time ago.