Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hurry Sundown

Peter, Paul and Mary

My seed is sown now, my field is plowed;
My flesh is bone now, my back is bowed.


So hurry, sundown, be on your way,
And hurry me a sun-up,

from this beat-up sundown day.

Hurry down, sundown, be on your way;

Weave me tomorrow out of today.

Tomorrow's breeze now, blows clear and loud;

I'm off my knees now, I'm standing proud.


My sorrow's song now, just must break through,

That brave new dawn, now, long overdue.


Hurry down, sundown, get thee be gone,

Get lost in the sunrise, of a new dawn.

Hurry down, sundown, take the old day,

Wrap it in new dreams, send it my way!

Send it my way!

Send it my way!


Joe said...

Yes, I know, PPM is your fav folk group. Are you sad?

Puruntong said...

Ang alam ko lang kanta ng Peter, Paul and Mary ay Puff the Magic Dragon. It became so popular in the late 70s di ba. That time, elementary pa lang ako ngekkk!!!

Allen said...
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Allen said...
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Allen said...

If you miss the train I am on
You will know that I am gone
You can hear the whistle blow
Five hundred miles....

My favorite PPM song!

Allen said...

Naku, sumob ra yata ang pindot. Paanong i-erase helllppppp!!!

The Pope said...

It's one of my fav group. I learned playing guitar strumming their songs and until now I am playing their songs.

Yes especially the 500 Miles.

earthtoholly said...

I learned many of their songs around a campfire when I was a Girl Scout...long time ago. Mary will surely be missed.

Thanks for stopping by my place!

Bay Martin said...

@ Joe,

And will always be! Not only sad, medyo naiyak pa!

Bay Martin said...

@ Puruntong,

Yes, Puff is one of their pop songs.

Bay Martin said...

@ Allen,

Five Hundred Miles is the very first PPM song I've memorized. This song will always be remembered by my childhood buddies. We used to sing it all together habang nakaupo kami sa hagdan.

Bay Martin said...

@ Allen,

During peak time, servers get slow! You need just one click to post your comment.

Bay Martin said...

@ Pope,

Many thanks for the visit and comment. I have a good collection of PPM LP albums. Since the turntable is now outdated, I have to make that I get the CD copies.

Bay Martin said...

@ EarthHolly,

Hi, many thanks EH! You have a great website yourself. Very nature!

Yes, most of PPM's songs are so easy to learn. I have a long memory of most of the tunes.

TsingMon said...

I like PPM, too! I used to sing Five Hundred Miles when I was young!

MonMon said...

Do you have the lyrics of the song, Hangman? If you do, please email naman!

Hangman is a very haunting song di ba!