Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Did you know that parachute was invented over a century before airplanes were. The first parachute was built by a French balloonist, Jean Pierre Francois Blanchard. The first parachute jump was made by a dog in a basket, which Blanchard had attached to the parachute and dropped from a balloon, in 1785.


Just Jennifer said...

Hi. Just stopping by your blog to say hello. :D

I found your blog on another site, and it looked very interesting. I've read a few posts and it's held my attention enough to subscribe to your feed. I'll be reading daily. :D

Thanks for having me, and I hope to see you drop by my bloggy if you have the time and/or interest. It would be great to have you. Have a great weekend.

Montsing said...

Owsss OK. I never knew this before, pero ngayon alam ko na! Thanks for posting this info!

Bay Martin said...

@ Just Jennifer,

Hi JJ, many thanks for swinging by, and I appreciate the very encouraging comments. Visiting your webpage very soon.

Bay Martin said...

@ Montsing,

Welcome. Learning is a continuing process, kaya basa ka lang.

Bay Martin said...

@ Jenny,

If you happen to visit my blog again, please leave your URL, so I can visit yours.

Many thanks!

Mon said...

Haluuu, I am parachuted my way to your blog today ha ha ha!!! Kaya mo 'yon!

Wala pa si bossing kaya singit muna!

Have a wonderful morning!

Montsing said...

Still here in the office, over-tawad!