Thursday, September 17, 2009


Here's to a friend, who doesn't like the pitch of his voice.

Pitch is the hardest aspect of voice to control. Often high voices are hard on our ears due to their design. You will immediately recognize people who don't like operatic voices. They cover their ears to avoid hearing a voice that rose in pitch to a shreik. People who don't like opera consider high voices not nice to listen to.

Oftentimes, we do not use the length of the variation capability of our voices. If you have a very shrill, high voice, you may want to consider practicing to tone it down a little. High voices often reflect someone who is v
ery tense, nervous, and dramatic. The very personality of my friend. If you prefer to sound more soothing and mature, a lower voice is the direction you should be headed.

Improving your posture will allow your voice to project farther and more clearly in a more resonantly-pleasing way. If you relax, you will not sound as nervous and tense. Relaxing will also allow you to slow down your pattern of speech. Slowing down allows your speech to sound more clear. Pausing allo
ws you to be able to collect your thoughts, as well, and therefore you will sound more knowledgeable. Finally, breathing can be a determining factor in how your voice sounds.


KarloV said...

T2 Bay, may chance bang gumanda ang boses ko?

KarloV said...

Thanks mo pala for letting me use your pc. I promise to master my last piece.

Enjoy your holidays, T2.

Bay Martin said...

Of course! Meanwhile, go back to your Hanon finger exercises.

Joephet Again said...

Are you sure I can still improve my voice.... la la la la la lahhhhh!

Piryung said...

Singit.... how about my voice Bro, pwede pa ba.

I have a hint kung sino ang sinasabi mong kaibigan natin ha ha ha ha! Bakit nga pa parang inipit na ek ek ek ang boses 'nya ha ha ha!!!

Ternong Bakal said...

Are you still teaching tsoyr?

Allen said...

I love my voice. Di ko ipagpapalit.

Bay Martin said...


Practice will improve the pitch of your voice.

To sing.... nahhh!!!

Bay Martin said...


Your voice has timbre, kaya pwede!

Keep the hint to yourself at baka magalit pa sa akin ha ha ha!!!

Bay Martin said...


Not anymore. I very busy with my piano students at sa Paggawa (you know what I mean).

Bay Martin said...


Glad you have that positive attitude. man!

You have a nice singing voice!

Montsy said...

They say, my voice is awesome, cool, enigmatic ngekkk!!!

RamRam said...

Quiet on the war front? Bakkkeeettttt???