Friday, September 18, 2009


A Very, Very S
trange News!

A court is taking up an important question: Can genies be summoned... to appear before a judge?

A family has filed a lawsuit against an unnamed genie for stealing mobile phones, sending threatening voice messages through mobile phones imploring the family to move away and pelting family members with stones when they go out at night. The family has been living in the same house
for 15 years, but claims that it only recently began to feel the presence of the genie over the past two years. "We have to look into this case and verify its truthtfulness despite the difficulty of its consideration, said the head of the local court." If he thinks it's going to be difficult to verify these charges, just wait until the judge orders the genie to pay compensation.

Aladdin, we need your help to capture this evil genie and put him back in the magic lamp.

"Throughout history, man has governed his life according to certain laws and principles. Those caught defying that order face the consequences of human justice. Sometimes, though, justice is not seen to be done. Criminals go unpunished. Murders remain unsolved. But do the undetected guilty parties really get away with it? Or do eerie, inexplicable forces intervene to restore the balance in matters of life....and death." (WGG)


JPat said...

Naku ha, saan mo nabalitaan 'to. Pwede bang idemanda ang invisible. Imposible. Que barbaridad sabi ni Whylze!

Ternong Bakal said...

Is this true, or product of your imagination na naman?

In fairness, very interesting. They really believe sa jins di ba?

Don Facundo said...

It's my turn! Tutoo ba 'to?

Are you going to Al-Qarah Mouantains again? Sama 'ko ha. May mga jins daw 'don. Sana makita natin this time!

Nanunuod ka ba ng basketball sa IPSA?

Bay Martin said...


Sa tabi-tabi lang naman ha ha ha!!! Kakaiba, that's why nilagay ko "very strange news."

Bay Martin said...


I won't reveal my source, pero kung pipilitin mo ako, sasabihin ko na rin ughhh!!!

Bay Martin said...

Don Facundo,

Not this year! May be, kapag bumaba ang temperatura.

I have no time to watch the games. Medyo bisi tayo sa paghabi ng banal na butil.

RamOn said...

Very, very, very to the nth power strange! And very strange rin naman ang mga taong nag-file ng case against the genie ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

RamRam said...

Any follow up on this case?