Thursday, September 24, 2009


ur voice tones certainly affect how other people view us. It also affects how we view ourselves. How we sound says a lot. The power of our voice means a lot, too. If you are pleased with your voice, you will definitely have a higher confidence level. That is why it is an important skill to polish up by learning how to adjust the tone of your voice in any given situation.

If you are unable to change your voice, don't sweat it! Make it work for you. After all, you are a unique and special individual, and your different style of speaking makes you more interesting as a person. It is important to try to improve yourself, but never get upset about who you are, as long as you are not hurting anyone else and especially if you cannot change it.


Mon said...

Sorry, maraming kalaban kaya di makaporma agad!

Medyo late yata ang postings mo ngayon. Is there any problem. And you are missing your 6Sept09 post. I'm intrigued!

Is cold water bad for singers like me?

Please come back to me.

MonAgain said...

Is it true that if you are taking voice lessons bawal ang tsokoleyt, ice cream, softdrinks, and cold water?

Dar said...

How do you assess my voice, Bay?

Montsy said...

Dar's speaking voice is awesom ... I said, speakikng voice ha, take note! ha ha ha!!!