Sunday, September 27, 2009


here are so many precious memories I recall about my loving parents working constantly to support a big family. My father was a secondary school teacher, and my mother was a wonderful seamstress. I remember the many times our neighbors would come to our house and ask her to design and make clothes for them. She would continue working until the wee hours of the morning to finish and deliver a fine job. She did this to support my father's meager income, and to make both ends meet, she would cut expenses wherever she could. I remember the constant prodding of my father to always perform well in school, aim high and hit the mark, strive for excellence. He always reminded us to avoid risky behavior to ensure success in our studies.

hey worked so hard because supporting and providing for a family of ten was most important to them. They worked as hard without complaints but with pure joy, and they sacrificed so many things to ensure that we could realize our goals and dreams and live a life better than them. My siblings and I considered ourselves lucky and privileged, but this has come at the tremendous cost of our parents sacrificing their own interests for our future.

he elements of sacrifices were always there; hard work, diligence, discipline, and determination. They taught us the hard ways of not giving up on things easily, especially during painful times, when problems were so deep, how to identify, recognize, and address them. They kept on identifying the best approaches to achieve their visions for us. They focused on the best solutions to the root cause of problems; thus, providing lasting changes.

o matter how much or how little we have, the material possessions and opportunities we now enjoy are a direct result of our parents' love and sacrifices.

"... if you have much, give of your wealth;
if you have little, give of your heart ..."


KT10/01/09 said...

Very touching It makes me feel so bad at the thought of not being able to appreciate and/or reciprocate all the wonderful things my parents are doing for my well being. Iiyak ako!

Thanks T2 Bay for this entry. It paves the way to a more clearer view of why my parents are kind of strict in some ways.

Monchy said...

KT is right, very touching and heartbreaking ang post na 'to.

Monchy said...

KT is right, very touching and heartbreaking ang post na 'to.

Dar said...

And very inspiring, too!

Monch said...

Parents will always sacrifice everything for their children, and I know the reason why you are still here in Saudi Arabia.