Friday, August 15, 2008


Camels in the Sahara Desert

The largest desert in the world--the Sahara, the very word, in Arabic, for "desert"--is as large in area as the U.S. The Sahara wasn't always a sahara. Twenty thousand years ago, glaciers covered much of Europe, and cool winds brought moisture to northern Africa. What is now desert was then a pleasant land with rivers and lakes, forests and grasslands.

Sahara shimmers


Monching said...

Why don't you post an article about your sand collections. How about the sand dunes, it is also a very good topic for a blog.

I'm still in the office doing OT.

Bay Martin said...

I have actually prepared an article about sand dunes, but haven't edited it yet. I'll let you know when it's ready for posting. It is a very exciting topic. Wait ka lang!

Monchito said...

I'll be looking forward to read your postie about sand dunes.

Bay Martin said...

I owe you so many articles na, ikaw na kaya ang magsulat!

Monchet said...

Take your time. I know you're busy with your work and piano students. Please include biographies of great people, too!

Bay Martin said...

Thanks! There are so many great people to write about. I'll be very selective.

Just awhile ago, I was reading an article about Sharing the Road with Camels. It's a very nice and informative article. I may include a short narrative about it.