Thursday, August 21, 2008


How do we know if
our children are into drugs

and going with a wrong group?

How do we cope up with it?

This is a family tragedy that could have been avoided had a mother left her professionalism at work.

A loving mother, a rebellious daughter, a problem many single mothers worldwide now have to content with. The mother was acknowledged as one of the world’s leading psychiatrists dealing with mentally ill, young teen-agers with emotional problems, and especially incarcerated women serving long prison sentences. An emotionally draining job anyone, not least a single mother bringing up a teen-ager.

The mother was at a complete loss when it came to taming her rebellious daughter, and even more so when the question of who the daughter was dating was something they vehemently disagreed about.

A cool Sunday evening, they had one heated argument. It started off as yet another row, as many times before, it was over the daughter’s choice of boyfriend and drugs. It culminated with the daughter flying into a violent rage and throwing his mother down the stairs. While her mother lay helpless on the floor, the daughter fetched a sledgehammer to hit her with. Leaving her mother bleeding profusely with skull split open, the daughter cruised around with her boyfriend for an hour before telling him what had happened. It was her boyfriend who called the police. They were arrested, the boyfriend was charged for possession of drugs, the daughter, for attempted murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and drug possession.

The mother did not make it. She died two days after the incident. After her mother died, the daughter was charged with murder.

What has become of the quiet, free spirited daughter, who enjoyed poetry writing?

To be continued

4 comments: said...

The daughter lost her sense of reasons because of the drugs.

Bay Martin said...
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Bay Martin said...

I share the same notion. My brother died at a very young age because of drug abuse.

Monching said...

When are your posting part 2. Ikaw para kang nobelista, the likes of Mars Ravelo, Liwayway Arceo, etc. Pa-chapter-chapter pa. Post it now please, I am thrilled to the bones kung ano ang nangyari sa anak!