Thursday, August 28, 2008


"...I saw raindrops on my window,
joy is like the rain; someti
mes silver, sometimes gray,
always sun not far away, joy is like the rain..."

Joy comes to everyone: but it can fill us only by the amount of space we give it in our hearts. It is one of the most elusive of all human experiences. You can't catch it when you want it and you lose it even when you are already touching it with your fingertips.

It is gift of life itself and can come from many sources. Most of where it comes from are ordinary and simple; from smile, a kind word, the sunrise after a nightlong rain, a flower that blooms from a plant you've cared for, a long-lost friend met in a busy thoroughfare, a good meal, a moment of recognition, from silence.

But joy comes, it does comes. It comes when we are most childlike. The only condition--and this is the most difficult to arrange--is that we must be ready to welcome joy.

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Monching said...

It is pure joy to behold when you get to help others without expecting something in return. It's very elating. You feel the goodness of God coming to you.