Sunday, August 17, 2008


Innocence is abused and stolen!

I just read a very disturbing news about a seven-year-old boy being chained to the kitchen sink to prevent him from misbehaving while the parents are at work. What an abusive way to discipline a child. The mere thought of hitting or spanking a small child makes me boiling mad.

The social services had to intervene after being notified by neighbors, who heard the boy's father boast about how he was managing to control his son. The boy was bound by a four-meter chain to the sink when his mother, a cleaning lady, and his father, who worked in metallurgy, left the house. The chain was long enough to allow him to open the fridge and reach their terrace, but not to go the toilet. His only company was the family's dog--ironically, the dog was able to roam freely.

The child told social services that he was being punished for misbehaving. His mother said, her husband was afraid his son would turn into a criminal. What??? The boy was since been brought to an orphanage. The social services were due to rule within days whether he could be returned to his mother, who has promised to leave her husband.

How are we going to teach our children that it is not alright to hurt others when we continue to hurt them as well? What sense does that make? There are countless parents going through this very similar situation almost every day. One thing leads to another with children, who are misbehaving badly and then the end result is hurting them.


marydane said...

Geez! That is so cruel! I just can't understand why there are parents who could do such cruelty to their kids. It's not wrong to discipline kids. Are they that dumb not to distinguish discipline from abuse? Maybe they are. said...

I agree with Marydane. To treat your child like a dog is not only cruelty, but evil in the real sense of the word. These parents should be lectured on proper parenting!

Bay Martin said...

Hello MaryDane,

Read your shouts and replying to them soon.

May be, the appropriate word is "barbaric". Whatever adjective we use will mean the same thing. Inhuman treatment of your own child is vicious. The father probably finds satisfaction seeing his own son in pain, humiliated, suffering.

I believe the mother wasn't acting on her own. The father should be locked up. What do you think!

Bay Martin said...

Hi Monchiting,

You keep on conjugating your name. I find it amusing, anyway!

To find satisfaction in the suffering of others is evil. Have you watched the movie, "The Evil Thing That Man Can Do." Get hold of one then come back to me!

Monching said...

I heard about the movie. Do you have it on DVD? If it is full of violence, never mind! I don't like violent movies.

Bay Martin said...

I no longer have the copy. I plan to get a DVD copy. Yes, it is full of violence, not advisable to be viewed by children.