Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Man's joke falls flat on wife!

A jealous wife left her home and children after her husband teased her by making her listen to an audio clip of a girl talking sensuously on his cellphone.

The husband had returned from and work and was waiting for launch when he played the recording and pretended he was having a conversation. Hearing the clip, the wife became infuriated and, thinking the conversation was real, accused the man of having an affair. The man tried to calm his wife down. However, she immediately left for her father's home. One of the woman's brothers then went to the husband to find out what had caused the dispute. The brother listened to the clip and then took the phone to show his parents and sister. Everyone laughed at the wife, who then returned home.

A friend did the same thing to his wife. However, the relationship ended up on a sour note. My friend's wife didn't take the joke lightly. They ended up quarreling for the custody of their only child.

Men, women, whatever the gender is, we get jealous about different things. The behavior is often similar—evil glares, badmouthing, serious arguments, threatening comments, and sometimes even violent and dangerous actions against potential rivals. A prominent psychologist views jealousy as healthy and necessary to the fitness of faithful relationship. Obviously, any situations involving infidelity are painful to think about. Women are more troubled about a partner’s infidelity, while men were most upset about sexual transgressions.


Monching said...

How can I ever control my jealousy. I get jealous every time I see my bestfriend talking to another.

Bay Martin said...

The article says, men and women are not exempted from getting jealous. It is a familiar experience in human relationships. I believe it is a combination of basic and non-basic emotions.

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Bay Martin said...

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