Wednesday, August 27, 2008


"...For love is stronger than death,
stronger even than hell,

the flash of it is a flash of fire..."

he measure of love is not what our hearts dictate or what our desires lead us to. Love is very much greater than what we now can feel. It is much more than the urges we feel within. Love is above all, the goodness that is within us that we must share with goodness of other persons in communion that is stronger than death.

In this sense, love includes the goodness of a man seeking the goodness of a woman, the goodness of a parent toward his or her child, the goodness of a friend seeking the goodness of another. Love never dies because goodness never dies.


The Man Under the Mango Tree said...

Love knows no limit
to its endurance,

No end
to its trust,

No failure
to its hope,

It can outlast

It stands alone
when all else have fallen.

So, let LOVE be FOREVER...

The Man Under the Mango Tree said...

The real measure of Love is NOT to measure it...

Bay Martin said...

Love seems to be reserved for the romantic, passionate kind of love that occurs between lovers. Love-struck person is ruled more by the heart rather than the head.

Monching said...

You always say, love is unconditional. True love when coming from deep within is real!

monching said...

Today, the goodness of God cries out, and the water comes to life through Your saving grace!

O' I still remember the lyrics ng song na tinuro mo.