Thursday, August 7, 2008


There is one phobia that is mainly physical disease and not merely a state of mind.

A person who has suffered a certain virus infection that attacks the nervous system cannot swallow. The sight or the sound of water or the attempt to swallow water throws this unfortunate person into a convulsion. The ancient Greeks considered this kind of convulsion to have resulted from a morbid fear of water, and they called the disease hydrophobia--from hydor, "water."


Ria said...


Check this out pls and it's for you.


Bay Martin said...

Got your message. Sent you two show email messages. Please check your mailbox.

Dito maraming hydrophobic, mga "itiks", ang sarap maligo ngayon because of the soaring temperature, but they would rather smell than take a bath uggghhh!!! said...

We have a serious case of hydrophobia here. For them, it's not physical disease, they're so lazy to take a bath.

The Man Under the Mango Tree said...

A typo hydor=hydro

from hydr - stem of hydros;
hydros "water" + phobos "dread, fear"
hence, hydrophobos "dreading water"

The name hydrophobia comes from the fact that animals and people with rabies get spasms in their throat muscles that are so painful that they cannot eat or drink, and so will refuse water in spite of being very thirsty.

Bay Martin said...

The Greek term for water is spelled HYDOR. It wasn't a typo error. Check your dictionary, please!

In physical geography, it describes the collective mass of water found on, under, and over the surface of the planet (Wikipedia).