Friday, August 1, 2008


Just finished giving piano lessons to my Friday group, and before the last student left, he asked me about "acid rain." It gave me an idea to post an entry on the subject. And here's my recollection about this serious threat to our environment.
As a direct result of human activities to produce more nutrients than nutrient cycles can efficiently process, unexpected and possibly catastrophic consequences usually occur. This is best exemplified by the occurrence of what is known as acid rain or acid deposition.
Oxides of nitrogen and sulfur combine with water vapor in the atmosphere to form droplets of nitric and sulfuric acid. These acids when deposited at or near the earth's surface in the form of rain is called acid rain.
Is acid rain harmful? Yes it is! It has adverse effects on animals and plants directly. Increased acid levels place the entire living community under stress. One of the more noticeable effects that concern man is the damage it brings to structures. If it remains unabated, the damage it can cause to both ecosystems and property would be incalculable.

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Does it affect our health?

Bay Martin said...

If you will reread the article, you will realize that acid rain has adverse effects on human beings.

Bay Martin said...
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Bingkee said...

Do you teach piano? My husband knows how to play the piano but he considers himself a guitarist more of a pianist. He learned the piano first before guitar. Visit his site;

It's not a blog, but you can hear his tunes there.

Keep posting!

Bay Martin said...

Hi Lady Bingkee,

Sorry for coming back to you only now.

To answer your Q, yes, I am teching piano here. I promise to visit your husband's site asap.

Have a wonderful day!