Monday, August 18, 2008


What is your respond to over crowding?
Do you feel comfortable in a crowded little space?

Picture this, you're on a jammed commuter train, elbow to elbow with a lot of people; you're much closer than you care to be. The train stops and even more people get on. Now you're really jammed together. How do you feel? Now try putting yourself in this situation. You're in a packed disco. Again, people are elbow to elbow. Everyone is moving to the music, even those who aren't dancing. People and music seem to merge together. How do you feel?

Your feelings and reactions in these two
settings are probably quite different. You probably can't wait to get out of the train, while being in the disco might be considered a pleasure.

Our reaction to a crowd depends upon our perception of the event. A noted social psychologist describes three variables that influence our perception: (1) Who is crowding you? You may not mind being crowded if the people are friendly. (2) What activity is going on? You probably do mind
being crowded if others interfere with your comfort. (3) What is your previous experience with crowding? Up to a point, people get used to crowds, as they get used to many other stresses. Although you may not enjoy commuting in a packed train, you learn to endure it.

Let me out of here!!!

8 comments: said...

You're talking about our LRT situation. Yes, super duper sa siksikan. Last vacation ko, to save, commute lang ako, most of the time LRT. Ang linya super habaaaaaaaaaaaaaa before you can buy tokens. But it was fun! Mas gusto ko nga sinisiksik hmmm!!!

bingkee said...

I become oblivious to it since it's a way of life in NYC. But you've got to deal with it.

Bay Martin said...

@ Ramon

Para kang irregular verb sa Espanol, kinokonjugate mo pa ang pangalan mo, ikaw talaga! Well, I can relate to you. My last vacation was short, but I had a lot of fun. LRT din tayo, pati si Onchong kasama. It was worth the experience na makipaggitgitan. We visited my in-laws in Pampanga, bus din, puno, pero exciting. If you use your car, mahina na ang P500 every day, right! I had the opportunity to visit Bong, remember him. He now stays in Baguio, bus pa rin.

Bay Martin said...

Hi Lady Bingkee, thanks for the visit. I haven't replied yet to your two previous comments.

Do you commute when you to work? I thought you were in Connecticut, why NYC? Is it in order to assume that you work there?

Have a wonderful day! said...

In our early days here, SAFTCO buses were always jampacked, and you had to go through a long line, remember? Ang mga passengers na kasama natin.... hmmm super aroma...tic! ha ha ha!!!

bingkee said...

I used to live in NY and work there. So I commuted by train. When I got married, I moved with my husband to Connecticut and left my job in NY.

Bay Martin said...

NY is a great state, so many beautiful spots to see. The Staten Island is a must-see.

What is your profession?

Bay Martin said...

@ Ramon

Yes, those were the days when we had to wait 30 minutes to one hour just to get a SAFTCO bus. I was in Dammam last month with friends. I enjoyed the SAFTCO bus ride. All the buses are fully A/C now.