Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Groups, communities, clubs, associations are not simply collections of people. They exist for a purpose. To achieve this purpose, each member contributes something to the functioning of the group. This is true whether the group is a family, a class, a team, or a club. You know how this works from your own experience in organizations. The various members usually offer ideas, suggestions, discuss alternatives, and divide up the tasks. Members are expected to participate in carrying out the group's objective. This process has been called group dynamics because a new collective behavior comes from a series of individual interactions.

The purpose for which a group is organized, its type of leadership, the composition of its membership, the social situation, and the methods used to exchange information all affect the dynamics of a particular group.


Monching said...

Maraming intriga sa mga groups.

Bay Martin said...

Intrigues will always be a part of our daily life.

Being in a community helps us improve interactions, personal outlook in life, dealing with things, how to approach our problems, etc. Enjoy being a part of group. Once in while you have to go out of your comfort zone and see what's happening around you.