Sunday, August 24, 2008


Life is really what we make it!

Life is indeed, so short. And, oddly enough, it is much shorter for those whose lives they find meaningful while it is too long for those whose lives they find meaningless.

Couldn't it be that life is what meaning we put into it? Now and then, we also ask what meaning has life really. Often, we feel like we know but at other times, our thinking look like a useless mental exercise. Life is just so vast, so full of mysteries that before we can put meaning to it, part of it is gone and the meaning we try putting on it is already partly exhausted.

Life, so it seems, is like dry sand slipping through our fingers. We we try to hold on to it very tightly, as if squeezing it, it slips away faster. But when we try to cast it away, it sticks on our hands. Sometimes, we think, to appreciate life best, one has neither to hold on to it tightly nor to let it go to carelessly. The sand in the hourglass is life. It is better to let it flow freely, although not carelessly.

How we take life is often dictated by what priorities we have. And life, being so vast, offers everything which can be a priority to us.

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Monchet said...

Life is really short and we have to make the most out of our borrowed existence.