Wednesday, May 6, 2009


oney may make the world go 'round, but it also plays a key role in making or breaking marriages.

This is a true account of a man who lost a fortune in the stock market demanded that his wife give him money she had socked away so he could continue his losing streak on the bourse (stock exchange). He also demanded that she sells off all of her jewelry for more cash. When she refused, he laid down an ultimatum: Give him the money or divorce was imminent. Fine, the woman said: It's divorce then, and she was gone.

May this serve as a valuable primer for married men everywhere. When you're broke because you made dumb decisions and sank money into short-term speculation on the stock market (many consider such stock prospecting as the moral equivalent of gambling), the last thing you need to be doing is laying down blackmail and ultimatums against your wife. She can always find another broke, dumb guy; there are plenty of those fish in the sea.


Anonymous said...

the wife made the right decision.

very interesting!

daPogi said...

Why waste all your resources in a very risky business especially now!

The entry is very much in tune with the present eco rundown!

Dito ulit kami sa palpak na internet cafe! Kasama ko si Del, Miong, at Ispoklong ha ha ha!!!

Bay Martin said...

@ Anon

I laud and applaud women who stand for their rights.

Bay Martin said...


and I applaud you, too, for believing in yourself ha ha ha!!

yes, stock investment is very, very risky. it's like gambling!