Sunday, May 17, 2009


Do you hear what I hear?
Said the desert wind to the shepherd boy!!!
Do you heart what I hear?

There are some ring tones pleasing to the ears, at the same time, some are irritating and are just plain horrible. They can be entertaining if you choose the right ring tones carefully.

Here is a true story of a man who was rescued when a shepherd was drawn to his unanswered mobile phone. The shepherd was wandering in the desert with his flock when he heard the sound of a mobile ring t
one tinkling away in the distance. When he identified the source of the noise, he found a man lying unconscious next to his car on a remote desert road. The shepherd answered the call and told the man, who happened to be a relative of the unconscious man, on the other end that the owner of the phone was not well. The man was able to bring a doctor after the shepherd described the location. The man was saved from fatal dehydration by a doctor, a shepherd and a tinkling ring tone of the mobile phone.

Well, one useful purpose that ring tones serve is that they notify the owner of the mobile phone to an incoming call.

halooohh... halooohhh....
sooori... rung numberrrr!!!

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Anonymous said...

There are now probably thousands and thousands of available ring tones. Most of them are very irritating. They get to my nerve.